moments in time – kayley – san antonio senior photographer

There are moments in time that you know without a shadow of doubt, that literally change your life from that moment forward. Last year I had the immense blessing of attending a professional photography workshop. Workshops provide such a catalyst of growth as a photographer, they push you in every way to continue to be the best you possibly can be, and more. For that I will be forever grateful. I was able to put my posing skills to the ultimate test, and I enjoyed every second.

Kayley was such a dream to photograph, truly. From her breathtaking blue-eyes, to her drop dead gorgeous smile. Kayley radiates happiness! She is someone who captivates you from the moment you meet her. Her style was as impeccably perfect as her personality. I know I am a better person for meeting her. My only hope is that I can have that lasting impact on the people I am blessed enough to meet. I could go on and on about this sweet girl, but I do have a couple more blog posts of photos for Kayley, so I’ll save more of her goodness for them!

Enjoy the beauty, there is more to come. I hope y’all are having a beautifully blessed day!

Much love, Jessica

jessica-peterson-memorabelle-san-antonio-professional-photographer-senior-girl-kayley-001 jessica-peterson-memorabelle-san-antonio-professional-photographer-senior-girl-kayley-002jessica-peterson-memorabelle-san-antonio-professional-photographer-senior-girl-kayley-003 jessica-peterson-memorabelle-san-antonio-professional-photographer-senior-girl-kayley-004jessica-peterson-memorabelle-san-antonio-professional-photographer-senior-girl-kayley-005 jessica-peterson-memorabelle-san-antonio-professional-photographer-senior-girl-kayley-006 jessica-peterson-memorabelle-san-antonio-professional-photographer-senior-girl-kayley-007 jessica-peterson-memorabelle-san-antonio-professional-photographer-senior-girl-kayley-008

What Memora’belle means to me…

Yet another blog post where it seems I may not be able to find words to do justice to what I feel. It may help to start from the beginning of it all. Years ago, I’d say at least 7-8 years, a simple, yet profound idea came to me. I can still remember exactly where I was when the concept of Memora’belle began to unfold, sitting in my grandma’s living room.

I’ve always known I wanted to make this world a more beautiful, better place. I honestly believe it’s one of the many reasons God sends us down here. We each have so much capacity for good, and I feel as if it’s our duty to let it shine for others to see. Our lives are miracles, the fact that we are alive and breathing is a miracle in and of itself. I believe, for myself, one way to show I am grateful, is to pay it forward. So right then and there, Memora’belle was born. It obviously had yet to officially begin, it’d take a few years before anything concrete happened. However, when the timing was right, my journey with Memora’belle began to take full flight.

The word in and of itself, you see, means something, something deep. For me, it’s an all encompassing word for a million different emotions. As briefly mentioned, Memora’belle was born out of wanting to make this world more beautifully better. A combination of knowing how much a simple memory can bring to pass so much joy, and to truly see the beauty that constantly surrounds us. My slogan at the beginning was, “Making life’s beautiful moments, into beautiful memories”.  Memora’belle definitely still encompasses that belief, because it’s one of the main reasons I love doing what I do so deeply.

I am sure y’all have picked up on the fact that Memora’belle is some what of a clever play on words. We’re all familiar with the beloved word memorable. Definition being; something unforgettable, something worth-remembering, something momentous. Add in the love I have for the epic language of French, and my love for all things beautiful…hence Belle, meaning beautiful in French. Memora’belle, as a word itself, truly was and still is the perfect combination of so many things I love so dearly.

As you can see below, I’ve put together a simple collage of photos I’ve taken over the years, as well as my updated logo. Photos which encompass what Memora’belle means to me. If I haven’t been able to portray what I feel with words, I hope these photos can speak to your soul as profoundly as they do to me. They truly bring such joy, peace, happiness, serenity, etc. An array of so many emotions and memories. For Memora’belle to me is; the joyful halo of light sifting through the air waiting to be captured; it’s the sunset that simply takes your breath away and speaks peace to your soul; it’s the undying, true and pure love felt in a warm kiss and embrace; it’s all things that sparkle and shine; it’s the one-lingering tear upon the precious face of a gorgeous child; it’s the ability to capture different generations, separated in years, with the single click of a button; it’s the priceless piggy-toes; the sweet baby-yawns; the giving of love through a homemade backyard bouquet of flowers…

That is what Memora’belle means to me, and so much more. I’d honestly be completely honored and even more so humbled if you’d join me on this miraculous journey. I’d be forever grateful to hear your thoughts and feelings below! A huge thanks in advanced. Hope y’all have a beautifully blessed day!

Much love, Jessica


new beginnings…in more than one way

Sometimes we’ve got so many emotions and thoughts running through our hearts, it feels as if we could burst. Not knowing exactly how to portray everything we feel with words. Words which are hard to string together. Words, which we may feel may not do justice. We don’t want to ramble on and on, we want to be concise and clear. Yet at the same time we want others to understand where we are coming from, and to truly feel the depths of our emotions. Adding so many different aspects of sharing our souls, it seems almost impossible. That’s how I feel. Right now. However, I will certainly try my best.

As you may know I have long since had a very deep love and passion for photography. It’s hard to explain exactly how deep. It feels as if the love I have, truly runs through my veins; from the top of my head, down to my toes; to the depths of my very soul. Photography is a part of my eternal being, of who I am. It’s about so much more than just a photo to me. It’s having the capability to capture true beauty and joy in this journey we call life. I believe a photo is worth more than a thousand words. It can stir any possible emotion. A photo can literally change the way we view ourselves, others, this world…for better or for worse. I believe in the better. I believe this life is meant to be lived, every single second. That we can find true joy and peace, to simply be happy.

Life is hard, more often than not it seems. However, as difficult and trying as it may be, I believe God has blessed each of us with the ability to see the light. Even if it may only feel like a brief, momentary glimpse at times. His love is evident in everything we can see, touch, taste, feel. He wants us to be happy. One immense way of how I see the true beauty that is consistently surrounding me is by capturing what I see through my lens. Then to move forward and share the beauty I see with all those around me. In hopes that the consistent beauty I discover may also seep in to others lives as well. To give hope, joy, a warm fuzzy-feeling, a much needed smile, a new friend, relief, etc.

Many of you know, last fall I decided to take a break from professional photography. After months of deep soul-searching I’ve realized, I want to keep sharing my love and talent with everyone I possibly can. I feel that is what I need to do, what I am meant to do. I’ve decided to completely take on a new approach, this is a new beginning. Starting this fall, I will once again offer my services professionally. With a completely renewed focus of true happiness and beauty, and sharing it with you. To also share the beauty I find amongst my life as well. I look forward to you joining me on this journey. I’d be honored. My deepest hope is that together we can find true joy and beauty in this journey, to spread happiness among all we meet, and to continually pay it forward.

Now you may ask, new beginnings, you say. In more than one way? Well, what would a blog post be without photos? Life has had it’s fair share of extreme crazy this past year, and I admit I have been far behind on editing photos and blog posts. Well almost year ago, yes you read that right, I had the blessing of capturing one of my best friend’s new sweet bundle of joy. Sweet, precious, perfect Emma. I don’t know if have loved another little girl as much as I do her, besides my own kids of course. So yes, it was a new beginning, the best of it’s kind. So please soak in the sweet, evident spirit of this beautiful newborn baby girl. It brings such a refreshing feeling to the soul! Have a beautiful day, and please stay-tuned for more upcoming blog posts. Lots of beauty to share!

Much love, Jessica


the ripple effect – art in my every day

One single water droplet, into a pond of water creates a long-lasting ripple effect. We, as mothers, friends, sisters, mentors, etc., can be like a water droplet. We can have a long-lasting effect on others, either for the better or for the worst. I believe in paying it forward. I believe in being positive. I believe in constantly building others up, and loving all those we come in contact with.

For many of us, we are mothers. We all know there are going to be good days, and bad days. It’s inevitable. Sometimes the worldly-craziness mixes in and makes things even harder. It can drag us and our families down, if we let it. Luckily we have a choice, and we can be a positive role-model. We can strive to build our sweet innocent children up, when it seems all to often, the outside world tries to drag them down.

This doesn’t just apply to our children, many of us aren’t mothers. However, we can be kind. We can be gracious. We can be loving. We can be honest. It may seem hard at times, but all it boils down to is a choice. A choice for the better. A choice to be a positive water droplet in this mass ocean of life. We may never see the full effect of our ripples, however, we can still do our part.

One way in which I encourage my kids, is by having them participate in sports. See her sweet face?! It gets me every time. Just by looking at her I can feel her pure innocent confidence; it shines in the most humblest of forms. As we grow up we tend to lose either our humility or our confidence. It’s a constant struggle to find a balance as an adult. One reason I love sports and other energetic activities is because I think it can be a huge catalyst in beautiful confidence for our children.

Sports are just one way, however, more importantly we can lead the way. We can be and are the change we need in this world. We can influence our children to pass kindness on, to pay it forward. I hope you enjoy this simple food for thought! I will probably be adding a few more photos to this post through out the weekend! Make sure to check back! Have a beautiful weekend!

Much love, Jessica

art in my every day

life ain’t always sugary sweet – art in my every day

It had been a looooong day. We were all completely past the point of exhaustion, falling in to zombie-mode. I guess that’s what happens when your sweet kiddos have a very special day and get to party hard. Both had fallen asleep on the way home. I knew they needed a bath- they literally stunk, after playing all day. The kind of stink, you really just want to send them to bed with anyways, but you know you shouldn’t. So yes, we had to wake them up. Needless to say they weren’t happy campers. These photos are proof. I’ll be honest, I had originally planned to capture them in the bath when they were their happy usual selves. However, I couldn’t help myself. I kept thinking, life is not always sugary sweet. There are lots of trying times, it’s important to capture those too! To find the beauty within…to truly find joy in the journey!

art in my every day - water art in my every day - water - 2

They will fade away soon, in fact they are almost gone. Those sweet, precious, chubby baby legs are almost non-existent; a tell tale sign that my baby boy, well, isn’t a baby anymore. It’s completely bitter-sweet. My heart leaps for joy as his personality continues to explode, however my heart- strings literally ache at the wish to keep him young forever. I am guessing I’m not the only mother who feels this way at times. This photo captured a moment that will always allow me to soak in such an array of feelings. For that, I am forever grateful. I am also extremely grateful for his adorable, wrinkled toes.

art in my every day - water - 3

Lastly, one lingering tear upon her beautiful cheek; evidence that her frustration and exhaustion carried past bath time. Good thing that bed time was next in the line-up of things to do! I admit, I couldn’t help but post this photo. The light, oh the light-it makes my heart happy! More importantly, this sweet girl and her pure innocence make my heart skip a beat. I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Hope y’all have a beautiful weekend!

Much love, Jessica

this is my life: princess crowns & dump trucks – art in my every day

princess crowns-dump trucks-memorabelle

This post is brought to you by pure determination, and an overwhelmed, grateful heart. Determination to post, even amongst every challenge. I’ll admit, technically this was supposed to make its debut yesterday. I had everything ready to go, and ended up running into a few kinks. Such is life, I guess, right?! Here we are now, and that’s what matters. What matters most is what I am about personally share with y’all…

Life is tough, most of the time. It’s grinding, and it can really take a toll. To be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although life is challenging, there is so much joy in the journey to be discovered. That’s the beauty of life. No matter how hard it may get, there is always, always breathtaking beauty constantly surrounding us. We just have to choose to find it, see it, hold on to it, and cherish it.

I’ll admit about a month ago, I was struggling. Struggling with having the desire to find the charms life offers. I think we all go through similar bouts. We let the grind in a bit too much. I was doing exactly that. I was looking for an answer. Searching for inspiration. Praying. One day I received an email from my dear, sweet friend Angela, an extremely talented photographer, based out of Dallas.  Guess what? That email, was the answer I had so desperately been scrambling for, I knew it, down to my tippy-toes.

My answer, was to embark on a beautiful journey, with six other fellow photographer friends. To find art, in my every day. Y’all know I am a portrait photographer, completely used to fine-tuning every detail in my photos. It’s a wonderful thing, truly! However, we want to make sure we are capturing what matters most in our lives. Not just with our iPhones, but with our actual cameras. To truly capture those pure, beautiful, blissful candid moments! As well as to print them!

Words, could never truly express how grateful I am for this blessing. I know it was the answer I was searching for. This has truly changed my life, in such a short amount of time. The Lord puts people in our lives for a reason. I know He knew I needed Angela, and the other six beautiful photographers I have the immense opportunity to embark on this venture with!

There truly is art in my every day, and I am going to find it. I’ve all ready started, and I can tell how it will serve as a constant reminder of how much I have to be grateful for! I have two precious angels, who are full of undying energy, I am sure many of you can relate! My girly-girl, who loves all things sparkly and frilly. My hard-core boy, who loves all things…well – boy. Growling is included in that. So the other day, while I was searching for my art, during playtime, I noticed, these two objects laid out exactly as is in the above photo. My immediate thought, “This describes my life. Princess crowns and dump trucks, all crazily mixed together. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please join us in our journey! Let’s find the beauty life has to offer, to get out of the daily grind, and to truly find joy in the journey! Come follow us over on Facebook, as well as our website,, to find out how you can participate as well! We’d be completely honored! Have a blessed night! Enjoy the photos!

princess crowns-dump trucks-memorabelle

princess crowns-dump trucks-memorabelle

Much love, Jessica