I honestly believe that life is meant to be lived, every single second. I I simply love life, and the blessing to find beauty in everything and everyone.

Life truly is beautiful...beautifully real. It's my hope and prayer that I can share my unique love of this gorgeous journey through my lens. Part of seeing the beauty in everyone, is through love. Yes, I love people! I consider everyone a friend and I've never met a stranger. So welcome, my new found friend! Here's a bit about me...

I am a girly-girl, and not afraid to admit it. I am drawn to all things that sparkle and shine! I am a secret accessory junky, and lover of clothes and shoes. Among other things I love, of course, are God, my family, Zumba, Dr. Pepper, Sour Patch Kids, Texas sunsets... are just a few! Yes, in that order!

True beauty is defined in so many different ways, and I believe it's our duty to search for that definition in every single aspect of our lives. No, it's not always easy, far from it. More often than not, life is extremely messy and difficult. However amongst all the craziness, I really do believe there is true and immense joy to be found in this blessed journey we call life.

So please, stick around, I'd be honored. I truly hope that you'll join me on my journey; and that by doing so we can all continually search for all the beauty this amazing life has to offer, and pay it forward in whatever way we possibly can.